Interclub Competition

Interclub Competition

Competitive Interclub Play for Adult Members

Are you ready for competitive play? Milton Tennis Club has a strong history of competition with other clubs in various leagues. Play starts in May!


Tuesday (Majors & B Teams)
Thursday (A and C Teams)
Eight men and four women play six best-of-three-set matches (Men’s Doubles 1, 2 & 3, Mixed Doubles 1 & 2 and Ladies Doubles).

This season MTC will have a Majors Division Team* (5.0+), an A Team (4.5-5.0), a Division B Team (4.0-4.5), and a Division C Teams (3.5-4.0). InterCounty includes clubs in Brampton, Mississauga, Georgetown, and Toronto. Away matches may require travelling some distance.

*Great for spectators too! High level of play.

Each InterCounty team will carry at least 12 men and 6 women as regular players with an unlimited number of subs listed for matches in which regular players are not available. Players on lower division teams can be listed as subs on higher division teams, however (as per League rules) players may play only two matches above their normal level of play before being locked at the higher level. During the first three (3) weeks of the season, a player may play for only one team.


Monday Nights
Four men and four women play 2 sets of doubles and 1 set of mixed. MTC has a Division 1 (4.5+) team. Home matches and most away matches are Monday nights but some clubs play on Wednesdays. Lakeshore league includes clubs in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.

The Lakeshore team will carry at least 6 men and 6 women as regular players with an unlimited number of subs listed for matches in which regular players are not available.


Team recruitment for 2017: April 29 & 30 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

  • New members interested (and returning members who didn’t play interclub last year) are required to attend at least one of the try-out dates.
  • Last year’s team members are not required to try out but they are not guaranteed a spot on a team.
  • Everyone is evaluated re skill level and their effectiveness as a doubles partner.
  • Members will be assigned as team regulars or subs.
  • Players attending try-outs who are not selected by a team captain as a regular may be listed as a sub


We are looking to field a team to compete in the ICTA +55 league this season. The structure of the league is similar to the mixed league.The league begins in mid-May so the sooner we see if we can get enough people to field a team the better.
  • Thursday mornings
  • 14 matches played by 6 players.
  • The minimum age is 54 years old any month in the year that you play
For questions about playing +55 InterCounty please contact our Director, Adult Programs

Competitive Interclub Play for Junior Members


  • Saturday Afternoons
  • 6 matches (Under 18: 2 singles and 1 doubles / Under 14: 2 singles and 1 doubles) played by 6 to 8 players.

For questions about playing Junior InterCounty or helping out, please contact our Director, Junior Programs.