Club Rules

Only proper tennis clothing is acceptable for court play. Unacceptable clothing includes, but is not restricted to: cut-offs, beach wear, and playing stripped to the waist. In all cases the determination of appropriate tennis attire will be at the discretion of MTC staff or Executive.

Wear sport-appropriate footwear, not sandals or street shoes. Tennis shoes must have flat, non-marking soles. Other soles may seriously damage or mark the surface of the courts.
Please behave with courtesy and consideration at all times. Refrain from disrupting the play of those on court.
  • Do not cross behind other courts while play is in progress.
  • Close gates firmly behind you when entering and leaving the playing area.
  • Any balls coming on your court should be returned promptly to the rightful owner but NOT while play is in progress.
  • Never interrupt others to ask for return of your tennis ball. Wait until play has stopped.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the playing area. Only those listed on the court booking, authorized MTC staff and volunteers are allowed on court. Animals and children should be properly supervised off court.
  • When waiting or watching play in progress, conversation should be kept low so that you do not interfere with the concentration of players on court.
  • Yelling, foul language, facility abuse, or other inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Do not play on wet courts or when there is lightning overhead.
Disruptive or unsafe behaviour may result in your being removed from the facility at the discretion of MTC staff or Executive.
“Scheduled” playing time each day is from 7am-11pm.

Prime Time is 5-10pm on weekdays and 7am-noon on weekends.

Group bookings authorized by the Club and Pro lessons have priority.
  • Attendants - An attendant will be present during most high-traffic hours to control access to the Club and ensure the Rules and Regulations are observed.
  • Court Booking - Members book courts thru Jegysoft accounts accessible on Singles play (1 hour) requires two names. Doubles play (90 minutes), four names. Members are allowed 3 advanced bookings in a 6-day period during Prime Time. Only 1 advanced booking per day per member. Same day bookings excluded. Courts reserved for league play and Club events will be designated in the system.
  • Court Cancellation - Please cancel at least 24 hours prior to court booking. Call the Club if you do not have access to a computer. Cancellations and no-shows are monitored. No-shows will get one warning. Repeat offenders will have their court booking privileges suspended by the MTC Executive.
  • Court Changes - The Clubhouse clock is the official time and all players must leave the courts at the end of their time slot. Players may not come off the courts before the end of their time slot for the purpose of reserving another court. Playing on one court while having booked another court is NOT permitted.
Keep ball machines, hoppers, or play with more than 3 balls away from other courts in play. Book Court 4 or courts with divider nets.

Court 8 is the preferred lesson court.
During Club sponsored events, all possible efforts will be made to keep at least two courts available for general play. Occasionally, all eight courts may be in use, but as soon as possible, courts will be made available for booking.
It is the responsibility of each member to share in the upkeep and maintenance of the courts.

The playing surface must be kept clean, dry and free from dirt or other debris that could cause damage to the court surface or injury to players.

MTC Staff or an Executive member may declare a court unplayable if unsafe.
Only beverages in capped, unbreakable containers are allowed on court. Players are responsible for cleaning up their own spills, especially any that may affect playing conditions or damage the court surface. Please place all litter and recyclables in the appropriate container.
As per the Club’s Constitution: Members may introduce guests to the Club. On payment of the prescribed guest fee, visitors are allowed privileges of the Club for that day. The same guest may only be introduced five times a season. Members shall be responsible for the payment of the guest fee.
  • Members are limited to a maximum of 6 guest visits per season
  • Guest fees are $20/visit
  • A Guest Form must be completed prior to play
  • Members are responsible for ensuring all Club Rules are followed
  • Members must accompany Guests
*NOTE: Access codes are not to be shared with non-members.

The Executive reserves the right to revoke membership privileges for failure to abide by Club rules.